Creating Dynamic PowerPoint
Screencasts with Camtasia Studio.

Each Volume will bring a new set of activities and skills for students in grades 6-12.
     Lessons in these books are not software specific and can be used with a variety of programs.

Volume 1

Calendar Project
College Budget
Explore Graphic Design
Flyer: Selling an Automobile
Timeline in PowerPoint
WebQuest: History of Computers
Student Stats
Budget Conscious
Continents of the World
Using Excel on Your Own
Research Method

Volume 2

Computer Networks
Create a Daily Schedule
Famous Statesmen
Grateful For
Income Tax Forms W-4/W-2
Math Keypad Exercises
Sports Team Database
Stock Charts
Word-Excel Integration Project
Name Brand vs. Generic
President and Their Spouse
Product Trivia
What you Say and How You Say It

Volume 3

Absolute & Relative Values in
Birthday List Report
Chat Rooms and Blogs
Magazine Resumé Portfolio
Operating Systems
Stock Portfolio
Electoral Votes by State
Golf Tournament Flyer
School Stories
Statememt of Cash Flows
Virtual Field Trip - Presidents
Payroll Spreadsheet

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