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By: Visions Technology in Education & Mountain Lake Software

Grades K-12.

Type arithmetic worksheets, homework, and tests! Have you ever tried to type a fraction using conventional fonts? You probably typed the numerator, underlined it, pressed the Return key to go to a new line, and then tried to center the denominator under the numerator. But if you wanted to create a mixed fraction, you were out of luck. Arithmefonts solves this problem, making it easy to type fractions and many other math expressions. These fonts, which use the same handwriting styles as School Font Collection, are perfect for typing arithmetic worksheets and handouts.

Without moving your fingers from the keyboard, type:

  • Vertically stacked fractions
  • Geometry and number lines
  • Roots and set notation
  • Long division
  • Clocks
  • Coins
  • Shapes

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