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Best Web Sites for Teachers 9th Edition

Best Web Sites for Teachers 9th Edition | Vicki F. Sharp, PH. D.
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Authors: Vicki F. Sharp, Ph.D. and Richard M. Sharp, Ed.D. Professors Emeriti

Grades K12

Your educational guide to Internet lesson plans and resources! Let Best Web Sites be your guide. 
Designed for busy teachers, educators, students, parents, pre-service teachers,student teachers, and technology support specialists.

Lesson plan categories and resources include:

  • Art
  • Bilingual/ESL
  • Classroom Management
  • Computers
  • Databases
  • Digital Photography
  • Distance Learning
  • Drama
  • Educational Standards
  • Foreign Language
  • Google Tools
  • Health and PE
  • Internet Issues
  • Journalism
  • Language Arts
  • Learning Theorists and Research
  • Mathematics
  • Multicultural
  • Multimedia and Video Technology
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Music
  • Networking and Internet
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Software Integration
  • Special Education
  • Standards and Mega-Sites
  • Teacher Support Tools and Software
  • Technology Coordinators
  • Technology in Education: Assistive Technology
  • Technology in the News
  • The Future
  • Vocational-Technical Education
  • Web 2.0
  • Appendix A: Newsgroups
  • Appendix: B: Search Tools


  • 3,000+ best educational sites
  • Easy-to-read descriptions
  • Online updating of sites
  • Safe and reliable sites
  • Loaded with lesson plan sites and free printable material
  • Pointers on how to search and find educational sites

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