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Global Project-Based Learning with Technology Activity Book

Global Project-Based Learning with Technology Activity Book | Mark Standley
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Authors: Kiyomi Hutchings and Mark Standley

This book focuses on helping teachers and students get started with global project-learning in the classroom and community.

Diversity in language and culture among students and staff can either be an obstacle or an opportunity to grow. Global project-based learning is a model for working with diverse students to utilize the differences into distinct learning advantages.

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Whether the projects include local populations or working to include students from other countries, global project-based learning provides concrete techniques for valuing diversity, integrating technology in project-based learning, and growing community support at schools. This standards-based approach helps students learn to work globally through achieving local or statewide standards with applications for the classroom and community.


Activities include strategies for:

  • Connecting students with the culture(s) of their family origin
  • Building bridges between the school and the local community
  • Establishing dialogue and/or working projects between local and global communities
  • Enhancing language classes in all grades
  • Helping students create meaningful understanding of other people and cultures
  • Learning and applying new problem solving strategies in global projects
  • Develop new communication skills with people outside school and current culture
  • Achieving state standards through application of global-based learning
  • Develop new appreciation and understanding for the importance of global issues
  • Connect to many other resources to continue global project-based learning curriculum across all content areas

“Global Project-Based Learning with Technology helps teachers understand how they can integrate technology into their existing lessons while trying new approaches and designs in their teaching. This book offers teachers the opportunity to understand how constructivist learning engages students in real and authentic opportunities, especially when they are working with cultures around the globe.”
–Dr. Sheila Offman Gersh, City College of New York, Center for School Development, New York, NY

“Global Project-based Learning with Technology is a book for enthusiastic teachers who want to provide an opportunity for their students to work in global collaboration environments.”
–Dr. Keizo Nagaoka, Executive Director of Research & Development, National Institute of Multimedia Education,
Ministry of Education, Japan

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