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Google Earth & GPS Activities US History/Geography

Google Earth & GPS Activities US History/Geography | Susan Anderson
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Authors: Jim Holland & Susan Anderson

Based on Google Earth and Geocaching (the exciting GPS adventure where players find real-life, hidden “treasures”), the innovative activities in this book will introduce, reinforce, and enrich concepts taught in U.S. History and Geography (from early beginnings through Reconstruction). Lessons include teaching procedures, standards alignments, student activity sheets, product samples, answer keys, and lesson extensions. Each lesson is customizable by modifying the files on the included CD-ROM.

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Features: Topics:
  • Multimedia resources
  • Interactive Geocaching activities
  • Customized Google Earth files
  • Comprehensive teacher instructions
  • Lesson plan extensions
  • Answer keys and sample student projects
  • Physical geography
  • Early explorers and settlements
  • The American Revolution: causes and battles
  • Bill of Rights & Separation of Powers
  • Immigration & the Industrial Revolution
  • Manifest Destiny and westward expansion
  • Slavery and the Road to Civil War
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction


  • Real-world problem solving
  • Motivate your students with real-life, problem solving scenarios
  • Bring the sights, sounds, and information of the world to your students
  • Students travel the world, collecting and analyzing information to solve real-world problems
  • Engage students in highly motivating “treasure” hunts to acquire social studies skills and knowledge
  • Invigorate your lessons with trips around the world
  • Tap into billion dollar military satellite technology to teach your students science concepts