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iLearn iTeach Powerful Utilities for the iPad

iLearn iTeach Powerful Utilities for the iPad | Patsy Lanclos
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Author: Patsy Lanclos

Pre K - Adult

Powerful utilities for students, teachers, administrators, and everyone!

Make your iPad an effective replacement for the laptop or desktop.

Powerful utilities for PreK - Adult allow you to:

  • Navigate using a GPS
  • Watch TV
  • Record interviews and phone calls
  • Get directions
  • Locate your car, hotel room, restaurant, or fishing spot
  • Scan a receipt
  • Play games
  • Create shopping lists
  • Create an alarm to wake up or time an experiment
  • Draw and paint
  • Graph an equation
  • Toss a coin
  • Play an instrument
  • Keep an expense report
  • Create stories
  • Translate text
  • Create, read, edit, and save iWork, Microsoft Office documents
  • Create and edit movies
  • Display on a projector
  • Use as a Teleprompter
  • Check air travel
  • Speak your notes

Tips and Tricks include:

  • Control battery life
  • Copy text
  • Delete apps
  • Dock
  • Force quit
  • Gestures
  • iBooks
  • Keyboard
  • Locked device
  • Open in…
  • Photo stream
  • Project iPad
  • Reset
  • Screen shot
  • Sync iPad with different computer
  • Transfer files to and from iPad/Computer

The iPad can be used as a complete productivity computer:

  • Databases
  • Mind maps
  • Notes
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation creators
  • Printers
  • Word processors
  • Readers

Requires iPad™ mobile digital device.

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