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Learn Adobe Flash CS3 Beginner's Guide

Learn Adobe Flash CS3 Beginner's Guide | Mark Pennycuick
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By Mark Pennycuick

A step-by-step guide through the essential principles for creating exciting digital artwork, Web pages, curricular presentations, and animations.

Begin an extraordinary journey into the world of animated vector-based graphics!

The World Wide Web has never been more “wide open” creatively with Adobe Flash. You are only bound by your imagination!

Learn Adobe Flash CS3: Beginner’s Guide will start you on your way to a whole new way of thinking about Web design. Use this book as a quick and easy, step-by-step guide or come back to it time and time again.

Not an artist? That doesn’t matter! Flash drawing tools will help “smooth” things out. Even after you’re finished drawing, you can manipulate the lines and shapes without re-drawing the entire object!

Not a professional Web designer? That’s OK. Use Flash CS3 to enhance your comfort level with graphic creation and move to a new level in your instruction and presentation for your students, peers, and more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Macintosh or Windows
  • Great book to learn the basics and build confidence in the Flash CS3 environment
  • Written by an instructional technology and classroom educator for teachers and students
  • Intuitive drawing tools
  • Watch, listen, and learn Adobe Captivate animated tutorials – included on CD
  • Editable Flash document files for each lesson included on CD
  • Save movie as: .swf, .avi, .mov and more
  • Save image as: .swf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ai and more


  • Web animations
  • Dazzling Web pages
  • Classroom lessons
  • Customizeable, animated artwork for your Web pages
  • Static images that can be inserted in another application
  • Classroom lesson presentations that can also be delivered over the Internet










Topics Include:

  • Learn to easily maneuver the Flash CS3 interface
  • Use drawing tools to create your own graphics
  • How working with text can enhance a Web page
  • Use keyframes to manipulate the timeline
  • Develop graphics and animations utilizing the stacking capabilities of layers
  • Motion Tween equals animation in the World Wide Web or in a classroom project
  • A Shape Tween transforms objects into other objects
  • Learn how to build an introduction Web page in the “How To Straight Through” chapter

Does not include Flash CS3 software.


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