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Learn Adobe Flash CS3 The Next Step

Learn Adobe Flash CS3 The Next Step | Mark Pennycuick
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By Mark Pennycuick

Take the next step beyond the beginner level.

This step-by-step guide opens a new window to your imagination and furthers your journey into the world of vector-based graphics for the Web.

Learn Flash CS3 – The Next Step continues the extraordinary journey that Learn Adobe Flash CS3 – Beginner's Guide started. This book is intended, as its title implies, to take the next step beyond the beginner level. Create exciting digital artwork, Web pages, curricular presentations, and animations that capture the attention of your students and the World-Wide audience.

Open a new window to your imagination and new doors to your curriculum and World Wide Web design. By utilizing the skills learned in Learn Flash CS3 - The Next Step you'll be ready to add more instructional and curricular meaning to your daily lessons and presentations that you create. This guide will give you ready-made samples to use in your teaching or modify our plans to any curricular topic you teach.


  • Web animations
  • Dazzling Web pages
  • Classroom lessons
  • Customizable, animated artwork for your Web pages
  • Static images that can be inserted in another application
  • Classroom lesson presentations that can also be delivered over the Internet
  • Flash project collaborations

Features and Benefits:

  • Macintosh or Windows
  • Continue developing skills a step beyond the beginner level
  • Written by an instructional technology and classroom educator for teachers and students
  • Intuitive drawing tools
  • Adobe Captivate animated tutorials – Look, Listen, and Learn included on CD
  • Editable Flash document files for each lesson included on CD
  • Save movie as: .swf, .avi, .mov and more
  • Save image as: .swf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ai and more
  • Utilize ActionScript to navigate to a specific frame of a movie and to load a movie into another movie

Topics Include:

  • A “Mask” layer can produce a visually appealing effect or help reveal content to the audience
  • The button symbol can be used as a navigation tool and to reveal information to the audience
  • Define a path for a Motion Tween with a Motion Guide
  • The Movie Clip Heart lesson is good example of two Movie Clips sharing the Stage at once. “Screens” allow you to easily make a presentation and deliver it over the World Wide Web.
  • The Guide layer allows you to place text on the Stage that won't show on the final movie. The Movie Explorer gives a snapshot of the entire Flash document.
  • Create independent Flash movies, then pull them together with ActionScript in a “Modular” Flash project
  • Import the Flash movie into Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, and SMART Notebook

Does not include Flash CS3 software.


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