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Learn Adobe Flash CS5 Projects

Learn Adobe Flash CS5 Projects | Mark Pennycuick
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Author: Mark Pennycuick

Flash Projects continues the extraordinary journey that Learn Adobe Flash CS5 – Beginner’s Guide started. It provides ready-made Flash documents that can be simple or complex. Create exciting digital artwork, Web pages, curricular presentations, and animations that capture the attention of your students and the World Wide audience. Open a new window to your imagination and new doors to your curriculum and World Wide Web design. This guide provides ready-made samples to use in your teaching or you can modify our plans to any curricular topic.

Projects include:

  • About Me Banner Ad
  • Cartoons
  • Anatomy
  • Map Reveal
  • Mask Uncover
  • Rich Media Web Site
  • Sports Animation
  • T-shirt design
  • Video


  • Customizable animated artwork for web pages
  • Projects that include ActionScript 3.0
  • Bone Tool animations
  • Intergrated Deco Tool drawing and animation

Features and benefits:

  • Macintosh and Windows
  • Ready-made project ideas
  • Editable Flash document files for each lesson included on CD
  • Written by an instructional technology and classroom educator for teachers and students

Does not include Flash software.

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