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Making the Most of Diigo

Making the Most of Diigo | Karen Vitek
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Author: Karen Vitek

Grades K - 12

Learn how to bookmark, annotate and share your online resources with colleagues and students.

Diigo is an online social bookmarking tool. In this book you’ll learn how to create annotated bookmarks with highlights, comments, sticky notes, tags and screen captures. Discover how to create lists and share your bookmarks with groups. Create discussions and share resources with your classes using the Teacher Console. Learn how to help your students develop skills in using the Internet for research. Learn how you can use Diigo to create and enhance your PLN (personal learning network.)

Want to organize all your bookmarks?
This book helps you to migrate your existing bookmarks to Diigo and improve your ability to find resources online.

Tired of not remembering what that Web site was called?
Learn how to annotate a bookmark and save it to a list for future reference. See how Diigo’s tools can help you to improve your memory!


  • Migrating bookmarks from other sources
  • Adding tags to bookmarks
  • Creating private and public bookmarks
  • Annotate bookmarks with
  • Highlights
  • Comments
  • Sticky Notes
  • Screen Captures
  • Create lists of bookmarks
  • Share your lists
  • Join a Diigo Group
  • Create a Diigo Group
  • Share bookmarks using email and Twitter
  • Use Diigo to cache web pages
  • Using Diigo for research
  • Using the browser toolbar
  • Save images to your library
  • iPad and iPhone features
  • Using the Teacher Console
  • Adding students
  • Creating classes
  • Creating activities


  • Easily create lists of Internet resources
  • Save resources with annotations
  • Share your resources with colleagues and students
  • Find resources within the Diigo community
  • Join an educator’s group to follow


  • Improve your Internet research
  • Assist students in improving their research skills
  • Easily provide students with annotated web links
  • Use tags to organize bookmarks
  • Share your bookmarks with others

CD includes list examples and video tutorials

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