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By: Visions Technology in Education & Mountain Lake Software

School Font Collection teaches primary students how to form letters and develop handwriting skills using Trace and DíNealian fonts. Makes learning to read and write easier! See for yourself why itís our most popular font product!

Contains1 Hybrid CD.

New updated version:  
  • Now includes Spanish, German, and French fonts with easier to use short cuts
  • Fonts print on most common printers
  • Auto-install program for all Windows operating systems
  • Fonts are compatible with Mac OSX
  • Various fonts have been updated to enhance clarity in display and print
  • Additional documentation and improved Web support (FAQ's, updates, downloads, and samples)
  • Make "kid-friendly" documents
  • Type special characters such as boxes, triangles, circles, and long division
  • Line up columns of numbers easily
  • Type foreign letters and punctuation
  • Dashed-line fonts for kids to trace!

"My children love it! It's a really unique addition to school reports." -Donna Peterson, Parent, Mountain Lake, MN